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Where was filming for the movie “The Batman” (2022)?

Which film locations were used for the DC Comic adaptation The Batman (2022)? – the complete overview can be found on – (c) []This time Batman has become a bit darker and increasingly loses his comic origin. With the villains Penguin and The Riddler, there is little left of colorfully overdrawn characters. Instead, you feel like you’re in scenes from The Godfather or in puzzles from Saw’s Jigsaw. It does the film’s psycho level good, and the setting does its part. Gotham City is even blacker, even scarier, and even more inhospitable than ever before. Many of the apocalyptic worlds were created in the studio and on the computer. Nevertheless, some places were traveled between Europe and the USA. We’ll show you where you can stumble across iconic Gotham City buildings on your next vacation.

Which city embodies Gotham City?

[]Basically, Gotham City is always associated with New York. Creator of the Batman and Superman comics Bill Finger always considered the uninviting, cold and chaotic Gotham as a stark contrast to Superman’s shining city of Metropolis. The two cities make up the yin and yang of New York. The actual origin of the name goes back more than 200 years. We’ll tell you the full story in this article. []Shooting feature films in a city like New York on the explosive scale of a DC comic is difficult, though. Only a few exterior shots in previous Batman film adaptations came from NYC. Chicago, on the other hand, which also exudes a morbid charm in many places, was used more often. However, in order to give Gotham City its historical and gothic look, they soon started looking for locations in Good Old Europe and found what they were looking for in Great Britain. Especially the Wayne Manors in the various films were shot in stately homes of England and Scotland. With this knowledge, location scouting focused on the British Isles this time as well. This gave the film a twist that somehow reminds us of the story of Vendetta.

The 11 film locations of The Batman (2022)

[]Below you will find a list of the most prominent locations where real was shot for The Batman. At the end you can use our Google map for further orientation.

Gotham City Hall (Liverpool)

[]The city hall in Gotham City shows a magnificent gilded hall. This belongs to St. George’s Hall in Liverpool. It was built in the 19th century in neoclassical style for ceremonies and legal proceedings. You can see the building from the outside in the scene when Bruce Wayne arrives at the funeral.

Gotham City Cemetery (Glasgow and Liverpool)

[]Batman rides his motorcycle through the night along the tombstones. This scene was shot in the Scottish City of the Dead, at the famous Necropolis Cemetery in Glasgow. Other smaller shots between the gravestones and beautyshots (if you want to call them that in this case) were shot just outside Liverpool, at Anfield Cemetery.

Funeral scene in church (Glasgow)

[]During the funeral there is a scuffle in the church with Bruce Wayne. Here, the scene was shot in Glasgow Cathedral or St. Mungo Cathedral. How The Riddler’s victim breaks through the church wall with his car was clearly recreated in the studio. The cathe

drale is only a short distance from Necropolis

Batman’s leap from the clock tower into the depths (Liverpool)

[]Only if you have already visited Liverpool do you recognize the Royal Liver Building in the film. Such is the darkness of the city in post production that even this iconic 100% recognizable structure is obscured. The stuntman shooting at the clock tower caused some uproar in 2020 and numerous media reports as if UFO’s were spotted.

Gotham Orphanage (Shotts, Scotland)

[]The former Hartwood Hospital in the small village of Shotts, east of Glasgow, was used for the orphanage. Hartwood Hospital was designed in the late 19th century to house up to 500 patients and was used as a mental institution until 1998. The now abandoned walls make a desolate and threatening impression, have been used as a setting for many other films and are ideally suited for the new, gloomy Batman. This incredible Abandoned Place is currently not accessible. Urbexers illegally brought great pictures to light – see here report from

The Halloween Market (Liverpool)

[]In this scene, a hero’s column immediately catches the eye. It is “Wllington’s Column”, the monument to the Duke of Wellington in Liverpool. There is a little unknown anecdote about it. You can find this and details about this place / building on liverpoolhiddenhistory.

Gotham City Court (Liverpool)

[]This is the County Sessions House in Liverpool, which was also a courthouse when it was built. Today it is one of Liverpool’s architectural highlights and is a listed building. The Sessions House serves as a museum and part of an entire museum complex with Walker Art Gallery, the Central Library and the Worldmuseum – right in the center of Liverpool, a bit away from St. Georges Hall

Gotham General Hospital (Liverpool)

[]For this filming location, they didn’t search long and used the Walker Art Gallery, right next to the County Sessions House. If you will, the Gotham City Court of Justice is located right next to the General Hospital, where the Joker already wreaked havoc in 2008 (The Dark Knight) in a nurse’s costume. However, the hospital looked more modern and American then. []

Secret railroad tunnel to the Batcave (London)

[]This shot was filmed in London. Specifically, this is about the disused Kingsway Tram Tunnel. This was built by the city of London in 1906 as part of an ambitious public network plan, but by 1952 it was no longer needed. Today, the underground tunnel is open to the public and houses much of the original infrastructure, including an old streetcar set. The idea for this spot came to James Chinlund, the production designer, when he remembered Track 61, the secret platform under the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan. There, as an extension to Grand Central Station, a train car was parked to transport VIPs – mainly presidents – out of the hotel undetected. If it existed for presidents, it should do for superheroes, too.

Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge (London)

[]The Iceberg Lounge by Oswald Cobblepot is also in the

real life a nightclub – namely Printworks Nightclub in London’s Docklands. Basically, they are multifunctional halls that can be used in a similar way to the O2 Arena, a Themsen loop next door. Significant is the unique lighting concept in this location, which is also shown to advantage in the film.

Exterior view at press conference (London)

[]The press conference was shot in front of the house at 2 Temple Place in London. This mansion in central London is definitely worth a visit. What is now used as a museum shines in colorful light due to the countless stained glass windows and under the roof. The house is mentioned as a hidden gem of Victorian architecture.

All film locations of The Batmann at a glance

Tips for travel preparation

[]If you include these locations in your travel planning, you might also want to use our city maps, which we have prepared for the locations. At the moment we have London and Edinburgh (if you are already in Glasgow…) []Maybe you have an affinity to James Bond as movie freaks. Again, we’ve gone through exactly which film locations in London in particular have been checked out. []An overview of all film locations we have already covered can be found here. [] = 1140 ) { /* large monitors */ document.write(”); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); } if ( td_screen_width >= 1019 && td_screen_width < 1140 ) { /* landscape tablets */ document.write(”); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); } if ( td_screen_width >= 768 && td_screen_width < 1019 ) { /* portrait tablets */ document.write(”); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); } if ( td_screen_width < 768 ) { /* phones */ document.write(”); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); } ]]> </p> <!– end A –>

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