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Where is Gotham City and where does the name come from?

Where is Gotham City and where does the name come from? – Find the answer on planative.net []Gotham is a town of just under 2000 inhabitants, about 15 minutes drive south of Nottingham in England. (Coordinates: 52° 52′ N, 1° 12′ W) – FULLSTOP.

[]Basically the first part of the title question is answered. Now no conspiracy theories follow, whether Batman is perhaps even Robin Hood, after all Sherwood Forest is only a scant hour away from Gotham. No. If you were interested in a geographical answer, you can click on now. But if you’re interested in how Gotham City made it into the DC Comics universe and what the name means, you’re still in the right place.

Gotham City is the home of Bruce Wayne aka Batman

[]Most comic fans should know that. Specifically, it was one of the two Batman creators Bill Finger who chose the name Gotham City for the setting for all the gritty battles between good and evil. Geographically, the location of the megacity changes by count and is always adapted to the stories in the comics. Mentioned again and again since 1938 is the city’s coastal location (either on the ocean or on the shores of Lake Gotham) and its proximity to Superman’s Metropolis as well as to Blüdhaven, a whaling village where Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne’s adopted son in the Nightwing comics, lives. There’s even a whole collection of maps of the fictional Gotham City. Secretly, however, every reader knows that Gotham City always means New York City. Even in the 1930s, if not “Batman’s City,” NYC was occasionally written about, and cartoonist Bob Kane’s drawings were often unmistakable.

Gotham City is New York City

[]According to a later interview, Bob Finger always had New York in his mind’s eye when he was writing comics. However, he had long puzzled over the perfect and, above all, universal name, in order to appeal not only to New Yorkers, but to let as broad an audience as possible identify with the city. Already in Bill Finger’s mind were “Civic City,” “Capital City,” “Coast City,” but all seemed too clumsy. That’s when Finger reached for the phone book in 1940 and discovered an ad for the opening of Gotham Jewelers in Jonkers, a town north of NYC. (Questions about New York’s boroughs and towns? Get the answer here). The name is it! []In Finger’s and Kane’s interpretation, both Metropolis and Gotham City stood for New York, though in this Metropolis took on the shiny, beaming face of a Cinderella and Gotham took on the darkly hermed grimace of the wicked stepdaughter. This is best shown in the motion picture “The Batman” (2022).

So a jeweler invented the name Gotham?

[]No. Gotham was already a popular nickname for New York in the 1930s and 1940s. Betting cafes, laundries, restaurants, pawn shops, etc. called themselves Gotham XY and were part of the vernacular. This nickname was used to express the already crazy and pulsating life on the streets of Manhattan. The nickname originated almost 150 years earlier and was associated with NYC by the American writer Washington Irving.

New York City has been called Gotham City since 1807.

[]Salmagundi can be a cold salad m

with colorful allurements, meat, eggs and anchovies, or an artist’s magazine satirically devoted to the daily happenings of the city of New York. In a total of 20 issues of Salmagundi, writer Washington Irving, together with his brother William and James Kirke Paulding, contacarated and parodied the stories of the conservative New York magazine “The Town”. Irving will be familiar to some today with his tale of the Headless Horseman in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” which was also made into a movie starring Johnny Depp in 1999.

[]In his satirical writings, Irving often refers to New York as “Gotham City,” alluding to a medieval collection of stories about a mad nation of Ivy League morons in England. “Washington Irving

The Mad Men of Gottam

[]Now if you think of the TV series of a 1960’s advertising agency you’re way off base (The series name Mad Men refers to Madison avenue, where the most prestigious advertising agencies in NYC were located in the 1960’s – but that’s another story). “The Merrie Tales of the Mad Men of Gottam” is a series of writings and stories around the time of 1565 about a crazy pastoral village. The name Gottam is derived from the Old English for “Goat Town”. You could compare the stories with our shield citizens. They try to drown eels in water, paint green apples red instead of letting them ripen and tie their purses to wild hares to avoid paying bills afterwards. Throughout, the “Wise Men” in the village are characterized by imbecility. []On the other hand, some stories deal with the deliberate misleading of authorities. Thus, the people of Gottam despised King John (yes the King John who was not high on Robin Hood’s list either) who was supposed to travel through Gottam on his way to the northern Jadgre district. In addition, the main road for the king would have had to be expensively upgraded and cleaned. When the king’s advance guard arrived, the inhabitants behaved as if they were insane psychos, so King John had his route changed without further ado.

Gotham City the madhouse

[]And here we come full circle to the meaning of Gotham City in the Batman comics. A cage full of psychotic maniacs meet and force anarchic conditions in the city. Moreover, it also comes full circle to my first sentence, because this village of Gottam from the medieval stories is exactly this Gotham with 2,000 inhabitants, 15 minutes drive south of Nottingham.

On top: A place called Batmania

[]If you’re a Batman fan through and through, you’ll think: I have to visit this Gotham. Yes, why not – a very tranquil little village that can be picked up while passing through. However, we don’t recommend a long search for a Batcave. Instead, you can browse through the official website of the place. For the ultimate hardcore fans, however, we recommend a completely different place – BATMANIA. Yes, this place actually exists, is not so insignificant and even the capital. Unfortunately, just two years after its foundation in 1835, the place was renamed from Batmania to Melbourne in honor of Lord M.’s. Batmania goes back to the city founder and landowner around the Yarra River John Batman. But the beleuc

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