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Download free New York City map with attractions

New York City maps with sights for download on planative.net – (c) C1ri on pixabay.com []The Big Apple, the capital of the Empire State, Gotham City, probably the most vibrant city in the northern hemisphere. All of us have been there, at least in movies, but this incomparable tension between cultures, ethnic groups, tradition and modernity, art and architecture is overwhelming on the first and definitely on all subsequent visits to the city. Nowhere else are the continents of this world united in such a dense space. Thus, in addition to the American way of life, an unpredictable surprise can be discovered on every street corner. In other articles we have already reported on secret bars with entry through telephone booths, or hidden bookstores that could be straight out of a fantasy novel.

[You want to discover everything, but you have no idea where to start? The best thing to do now is to get a city map with sights and tips. Many apps with digital map solutions will delight you by claiming to be the best for your New York. Truth be told, they all do the same thing. They’re cumbersome digital representations of guidebooks you’ll scroll your way through. You can do that with Google without an app. How to use Google offline we explain HERE.

Paper city map instead of digital scrolling

[]YES we know, the forests are dying and you should use little paper. However, electricity is rarely 100% eco, as well as most likely your journey. So let’s not be more papal than the pope! We’ve made it our mission to find you the best map of NYC and its boroughs from the depths of the Internet. All maps available for download below are in a printable format in terms of size and resolution. So you can use your map directly and print it e.g. on a DIN A3 sheet.

The advantages of New York City maps made of paper

[]The advantages of a printed map are obvious:

  • low value – if you lose it, it won’t hurt anyone
  • just
  • scribble
  • your thoughts, your bucket list and what you want to discover in NYC on the map, circle your personal hot spots and cross them out again


  • light and easy to store, whether crumpled or foldedusable
  • on

  • sunny days but also in the rain – have you ever tried to read your phone screen in direct sunlight, or do you really want to expose your phone to spraying rain?
  • Overview – a whole city in front of you at a glance, without wiping and zoomingSouvenir
  • – the “used”, dirty and crumpled map as a souvenir of an absolutely awesome trip

Our New York City city maps selection

[]Just pick your favorite and click on the link. None of these maps were made by us. We just collected them here and are happy to give some traffic to the creators ;-). Have fun with them – on a perfect city trip.

The quick overview

[]Here you can find two schematic representations of Manhattan. You will probably spend 90% of your travel time there. Get a quick overview with these maps, before eu

ch meets the full Big Apple offer force.

Rough classification of the main attractions by neighborhoods of Manhattan. Often, place names refer to these boroughs. Unlike the official boroughs of New York, these are civil names and not political, so there are not always sharp boundaries. [Tip: Distinguish between official boroughs and neighborhoods. Guide to this here. Orientate yourself by the names of the neighborhoods. Some of them tell you where you are. For example, “TriBeCa” means Triangle-below-Canal, which is a triangular neighborhood south of Canal St. to the Broadway intersection. Classic tourist map of the New York Hop On Hop Off buses


Our favorite – the NYC Travel Planner

[]The Tourism Organization of New York City publishes a 180-page Travel Pl anner for travel professionals every year. That is, 180 pages of valuable info primarily for travel industry employees who book NYC stays for clients. Here, everything is brought to the point without being too promotional. Practical it must be. Starting on page 46, you’ll find detailed maps of Manhattan and the boroughs of Harlem, Bonx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. You won’t miss a single must-see. At the end of the brochure there are even floor plans of the various airports. So you can already plan your arrival and departure. Each page of the brochure can be downloaded and printed in high resolution. Just click on the two city maps below. [TheOfficial Visitors Guide , on the other hand, is packed with discount codes and information for tourists, i.e. end customers. You can get this guide at local information points or further down in this article in the net maps section – just scroll down! [By the way, you can also download the city map as it is available at reception desks and tourist information offices as a printable PDF here. The Professional NYC Travel Planner with sights incl. all districts for download on planative.net – (c)nycgo.com The Professional NYC Travel Planner with detailed view of Manhattan for download on planative.net – (c)nycgo.com Bicycle street network in New York City. Even if you don’t believe it. NYC is becoming bike friendly. In this city map together with special biker info

The subway network of the New York MTA

Here you download the whole 246S strong official Visitors Guide for New York City as PDF. On page 48/49 you find the exact network map of the New York Subway and you can print it page by page – (c)nycgo.com New York Subway network map without street network, directly as jpg for downloading

Is there more?

[]We have been allowed to visit New York several times. Again and again we discover exciting places or receive mysterious tips from friends. Some of these recommendations we pass on to you here and we are constantly expanding these articles. You can browse here: []Cover photo by Felix Dilly on pixabay.com.Here you can find his profile and here the Instagram account of the photographer. [] = 1140 ) { /* large monitors */ document.write(”); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); } if ( td_screen_width >= 1019 && td_screen_width < 1140 ) { /* landscape tablets */ document.writ

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Continue reading: http://www.planative.net/blog/2022/02/25/gratis-new-york-city-stadtplan-mit-sehenswuerdigkeiten-zum-download/

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