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One week bikepacking around Saarland (Gravel-Edition)

[contains advertising]Two years ago, I was on the road in Saarland for the first time, hiking a few stages on the Saar-Hunsrück Climb and touring the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park with a ranger. I remember well how honestly pleasantly surprised I was by how wild and far from everything the trail and nature here felt in many places. (I admittedly had so no idea about this corner of Germany before).

This summer I returned with my gravel bike to circle the Saarland once on about 400 km. The route was planned especially for my tour and is basically a mixture of “normal” bike routes such as the Saarland Cycle Path and mountain bike trails.

Sometimes I could roll along comfortably on gravel paths and small roads, then I had to find my way along narrow paths and single trails, which sometimes included the one or other obstacle in the form of roots, tree trunks or steeper sections. In the end, the tour was a really good mix of both in my eyes, and that’s what makes a good route for gravel riding somehow.

In this article I present the individual stages of my gravel tour with tent around the Saarland and give tips to follow.

Advertising note: This article contains paid advertising for my cooperation partners Tourismus Zentrale Saarland and Komoot. My personal opinion and my experiences, which I reflect in this article, were not influenced by it. You can read more about advertising on this blog here.

With gravelbike and tent in 7 days around Saarland

Stage 1: Saarbrücken – Überherrn (46 km, 740 hm)

The first stage took me from Saarbrücken, the capital of the Saarland, to Überherrn. And I had not yet left the gates of the capital of the Saarland when the gravel fun began. On the first steeper climb, I briefly questioned whether I would arrive back here in a week. But soon I was fully grooved in and enjoyed making my way through the expansive forest landscapes along with my bike.

The trail density was relatively high that day, but definitely still suitable for a packed gravel bike. I only had to push a few short sections or lift the bike over the one or other tree trunk. (But that is part of a good gravel tour quasi to the good tone.) In between, there were always paths and trails on which I could roll easy and fast, so it was never too tedious.

Scenically, the stage led me mainly through often very beautiful and reasonably natural forest. But the one or other view was also there: The greatest was probably from the viewing platform a little behind Freyming-Merlebach on the French-German border. Up there, on the edge of the steep sandstone cliffs, you can see far across the area of the former sandstone quarry, which is now a nature reserve and important biotope.

Overnight stay: Hotel Chapeau Noir (bicycle storage available; in Überherrn there are various restaurants and a supermarket).

Camping alternative: Extend the stage a little to Rehlingen-Siersburg. From the Saarland Cycle Path you come via theen Niedtalradweg to the campsite Siersburg there.

To follow: 1st stage on Komoot

Stage 2: Überherrn – Perl (57 km, 1,000 hm)

The second stage of my Saarland-Gravel circumnavigation started with a short but crisp climb from Überherrn to Berus, which is about 150 meters higher. Perfect to wake up! And that should not remain the only climb of the day. Once at the top, I stay there for a while and ride over extensive ridges with great panoramic views. On the previous day there were hardly such wide views, because mostly trees stood in the way. Also nice – but to really see where you are on the road, that has something.

Also in terms of routing, the second stage differed from the first: It went relatively much on asphalt, I often followed the well-marked Saarland circuit. However, apart from a few short sections, this route leads mainly along small, very quiet side roads. Again and again, however, there were small, natural paths on this day, across meadows and fields, past wild fruit trees and blackberry bushes. The latter are one of the reasons why my progress is slow on this day. The other is the sun, which shines on this day quite beautiful and virtually forces me to use every other bench for a break. Oh yes, and numerous stone sculptures also want to be admired: “Stones on the border” is the name of the art project, in the framework of which 34 sculptures by sculptors from all over the world are now lined up along the (old) German-French border.

There are numerous signposted mountain bike routes around Perl, so things get a bit wilder towards the end of the tour. Perl itself is the destination of this stage. The small town on the Moselle lies directly in the border triangle of Germany, France and Luxembourg.

Overnight stay: Residence Hotel (bicycle storage available; in Perl there are various restaurants and a supermarket).

Camping alternative: Extend the stage a little bit to the campsite Dreiländereck at the Mosel near Nennig.

To follow: 2nd stage on Komoot

Stage 3: Perl – Britten (60 km, 1,100 hm)

From Perl, I soon followed the Moselle for a bit, and thus the border with Luxembourg. What both sides have in common is the wine that grows on the steep slopes to the left and right of the river.

After a few miles, I left the riverbank and worked my way up through the vineyards. What followed was basically a pretty good mix of the first and second stages of my tour. Sometimes it was over narrow trails and bumpy forest roads through forests, then again over dirt roads and small roads over hills and ridges. It was not boring on this stage in any case – which was perhaps also a bit due to the fact that I was much busy to overcome all the altitude meters.

After about 2/3 of the stage, I hit the Saar River for the first time near Mettlach. Near there is also the famous Saarschleife – one of the most beautiful river bends in Germany and probably the most popular sight in the Saarland. And definitely rightly so! I was there two years ago during my hike on the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig and got to admire the view from the Cloef.

My Gravel route led not directly past the Saar Loop, but a detour there you can theoretically include well, if you want. And if not, the view from the refuge at Vogelfelsen over the Saar, its valley and its densely wooded steep slopes is also a pretty good “substitute”. And it’s one that you have to earn hard, because the first part of the climb in particular was definitely something to behold.

Behind the Vogelfelsen viewpoint, the climb continued for quite a while, but now much flatter. After a last short stop at the quite idyllic Hundscheider Weiher in the forest, my stage destination, the campsite at the Girtenmühle estate, was soon reached.

Overnight stay: Landgut Girtenmühle (A great, close-to-nature and rather alternative campground that also rents out some very special accommodations: Wine barrels and Finnish kotas, which are small wooden cottages. Breakfast and a bar are available at the campsite, dinner can be ordered there by delivery service).

To follow: 3rd stage on Komoot

Stage 4: Britten – Otzenhausen (49 km, 1,030 hm)

Last summer I spent two months cycling in Sweden. I have particularly fond memories of those days when I just rolled along for hours on lonely gravel roads and paths. Without knowing where I was or thinking about where I was going. Just being in the moment, amidst endless rows of trees, nameless lakes and further north the odd herd of reindeer…. The latter were not on this stage (but bison in the game preserve Weiskirchen!), but otherwise reminded me very much of these favorite days.

And also of my hike on the Saar-Hunsrück Climb two years ago, because my route led on this day over a section of it. Even over one that I liked best at the time (along with a few others). (Note: the climb is a bit steeper / bumpier in places, so a short bit of “hike a bike” was necessary here and there, but all in all it was quite easy to ride).

And there was another reunion with an old acquaintance: Two years ago I was allowed to inaugurate the then newly built trekking site “Keltenlager” in the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park. And now I spent the night there again! The place with two wooden platforms for up to two tents each and “bush toilet” is located in the middle of the forest near Otzenhausen. You can find out the exact location when booking.

Overnight stay: more information about the trekking place

To follow: 4th stage on Komoot

Stage 5: Otzenhausen – Ottweiler (62 km, 1,190 hm)

I always thought that it was automatically summer if you only packed a summer sleeping bag… but apparently that’s not the case. Therefore, it was unfortunately not a really relaxing night in the trekking camp Keltenlager, even if the starry sky has given everything before again. To the resulting tiredness then joined the next morning still continuous drizzle, which was not exactly conducive to the mood. Not to mention the fact that I had foregone packing a gas stove for this tour and thus could not start the day with a hot coffee. Something I actually dolichst avoid, which is why even in my minimalist bikepacking pac

kliste nor cooking equipment is included.

The coffee I have then found at least a few kilometers after the start at a bakery, and also the rain subsided at least temporarily. The route on this day led over many quiet gravel, forest and meadow paths, a few beautiful views and crisp (but rather short) climbs were also there.

Overnight stay: Wern’s Mühle (storage for the bike available; the restaurant is highly recommended; a supermarket is not directly in the village, but a few kilometers before in Breitenbach)

To retrace: 5th stage on Komoot

Stage 6: Ottweiler – Walsheim (59 km, 1,120 hm)

The weather was not better on this day (but the mood thanks to sufficient sleep already!). And somehow I actually quite enjoyed the mud and water battle on the trails and forest paths this day.

Actually, ~80 km / 1,400 hm were on the plan for this day, which would have been the longest and most strenuous stage of the entire tour. But that would have been a bit too much of a good thing under these conditions, which is why I shortened a bit towards the end. Because the cell phone screen was pretty wet and the fingers were pretty cold, a more precise planning would have been quite a challenge, so I just entered my stage destination and let the Komoot app plan the shortcut (as a gravel tour) for me. That worked pretty well and I can recommend my spontaneously shortened variant also for following.

Arrived at the campsite I spontaneously booked myself into a small safari tent to have it a little warmer and drier. (Of course, the sun came out five minutes later. ) Soooo bad this glamping is not at all! (Otherwise, there are also a few covered seating areas at the site for the tents).

Overnight stay


Camping Walsheim

To follow: 6th stage on Komoot

Stage 7: Walsheim – Saarbrücken (53 km, 590 hm)

The last stage of my Saarland-Gravel-Bikepacking-circumnavigation. Today I went back to Saarbrücken, where I started a week ago. This stage was definitely the most relaxed of all, and so there was enough time and leisure to really enjoy the last day again.

At the beginning of the stage, the route was fairly flat and on well-maintained bike paths. And I was then for the first time really aware that there was quite little of both on this tour. (Which is a good thing!) But don’t worry – even on this day it went up a few times (for Saarland conditions).

In between, I followed the Blies and Saar rivers, which form the border between Saarland and France. And drives up…

Continue reading: https://fraeulein-draussen.de/bikepacking-tour-saarland-gravelbike/

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